Volume 11 (2010 - 2011)

Ibn al-Nafis As a Philosopher, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). Ibn ul-Nafis has Dissected the Human Body, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). cialis www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com Leclerc (1876), Histoire de la médecine arabe, vol.


MALLAH, QASID HUSSAIN & MEMON, MUHAMMAD ASLAM – The First Farmers of Mehrgarh Pakistan and Jeitun Turkmenistan: Archaeological History of Commerce and Communication >> 07
MALLAH, QASID HUSSAIN & RANDALL LAW – Non-Destructive XRD Characterization of Stone Artifacts From Chanhu-Jo-Daro, Lakhan-Jo-Daro & Loal Mari >> 47
MASIH, FARZAND & BUKHARI, MASTOOR FATIMA – Origin And Evolution of Nagara Sikhara Temple  Architecture With Special Reference to the Salt Range Temples >> 53
SYED SHAKIR ALI SHAH - Preliminary Report of the Fourth Season Excavation of Buddhist Site at Badalpur, District Haripur, Taxila Valley >> 101