Volume 10 (2008 - 2009)

Ibn al-Nafis As a Philosopher, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). Ibn ul-Nafis has Dissected the Human Body, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). cialis www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com Leclerc (1876), Histoire de la médecine arabe, vol.


NILOFER SHAIKH & G.M. VEESAR  – New Discoveries of Palaeolithic sites from Fulko Veesar valley of Thar Desert, Sindh, Pakistan >> 7
VASANT SHINDE, TOSHIKI OSADA, AKINORI UESUGI & MANMOHAN KUMAR – Harappan Seals & Sealing from Farmana, Ghaggar Basin, India >> 23
NILOFER SHAIKH, G.M. VEESAR & Q. H. MALLAH  – An advance Lithic Technology in Indus Period in Thar Desert, Sindh-Pakistan >> 33
ALTAF AHMED ABBASI & SHAMS-UN-NISA BHANBHRO  – Burnt Layer at the site of Kot Diji: A New Scientific Approach to understand reality >> 41
MASTOOR FATIMA BUKHARI – The Lotus in the Buddhist Art in Pakistan >> 53
MUHAMMAD ASHRAF KHAN & MAHMOOD-UL-HASSAN – New Discoveries in Taxila Valley Archaeological Excavations at Buddhist Monastery of Jinan Wali Dheri >> 73
SYED SHAKIR ALI SHAH – Legendry History of Taxila >> 85