Volume 03 (1996)

Ibn al-Nafis As a Philosopher, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). Ibn ul-Nafis has Dissected the Human Body, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). cialis www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com Leclerc (1876), Histoire de la médecine arabe, vol.


NEGRINO F. AND KAZI M.M. – The Palaeolithic industries of the Rohri Hills (Sindh – Pakistan) >> 07
SHAR G.M., NEGRINO F. AND STARNINI E., – The archaeological finds from Dubhi (Thar Desert, Sindh – Pakistan) >> 39
SHAIKH N..  – Mohen – Jo – Daro : a challenge in conservation >> 49
NEGRINO F., OTTOMANO C., STARNINI E. AND VEESAR G.M., – Excavations at Site 862 (Rohri Hills, Sindh, Pakistan): a preliminary report of the 1995 and 1997 campaigns >> 67
NEGRINO F. AND STARNINI E.., – Notes on the technology of the pre-core and blade-core preparation in Harappan times: observations from site ZPS3 (Rohri Hills, Sindh, Pakistan) >> 105
LAGHARI M.H., – Gharo Bhiro: an archaeological and environmental analysis of the site >> 117
ABBASI A.A AND VEESAR G.M., – Saleemabad: a newly discovered historical site >> 125
SHAH S.S.A., – Juna Shah Bunder, A controversial site: excavation results >> 129