Ibn al-Nafis As a Philosopher, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). Ibn ul-Nafis has Dissected the Human Body, Encyclopedia of Islamic World). cialis Leclerc (1876), Histoire de la médecine arabe, vol.

The journal's scope covers Sindh and related territories from the earliest times to the Muslim Period. Subject areas include Archaeology, Anthropology, Palaeo-Botany, Palaeo-Zoology, Palaeo-Economy, Ethnology, Geomorphology, History, Art & Architecture, Numismatics etc., the application of Scientific analysis and theoretical approaches.
All papers will be refereed. Two copies of the Manuscript should be submitted alongwith original Photographs and all other figures. The full postal address (Plus Telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address) (if any) of the author who will check the proofs and receive correspondence should be included. Author should provide the paper on a computer disc (CD) alongwith final art work also. The disc should be clearly labeled with the MS word and the file name(s).
General Formatting Requirements:
Manuscript should be in English, typed and double spaced throughout. Ample margin should be left on each side.
Text should be justified. This applies also for abstracts, headings, keys and reference lists. Headings should be in Upper and Lower case, and not underlined.
Use only a single space after all punctuation marks including full-stops.
Do not use the spacebar to indent or tabulate. Use italics where necessary.
Authors institutional address should follow authors name and will not appear as a footnote.
References: Citation in case of one author e.g. (Shaikh, 2006) for Shaikh, N. 2006. In case of two or more citations e.g., (Shaikh, 2006, Mallah & Veesar, 2005) for Shaikh, N. 2006; Mallah, Q.H. & Veesar, G.M.,  2005, etc. Reference should be arranged in alphabetical order.
Illustrations/Maps/Photos: Figures may be drawn in Black Indian Ink on white or transparent paper and should preferably be double the size intended for publication. Photographic prints must be of high quality and made on glossy paper with strong contrasts.
Captions use lower case letters for the parts of a figure e.g. Fig.1: Map showing the research area.
Table should preferably be portrait rather than landscape shape.
More details instructions are available on request from the Editors. Please Click here